Karaca Mesopotamia Copper Casserole Pot with Lid, 16 cm

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Karaca Mesopotamia Copper Casserole Pot with Lid, 16 cm

Karaca Mesopotamia is a special series made by hand.

Material: Copper


  • Provides perfect heat induction thanks to the copper material
  • Due to the nature of the copper, it may darken over time as a result of contacting with air
  • Color changes may occur after washing
  • Tinning may be necessary for prolonged use of the product
  • It is not dishwasher safe

Maintenance of cooper items

Can copper items become discolored?

Yes, it is quite normal for non-coated copper items to lose their color over time.

Copper items whose external parts have been coated/plated with nickel do not lose their color, while internal parts coated with nickel do not represent any danger to human health.

How often should copper utensils be coated?

The need for copper utensils to be coated depends mainly on frequency of use, on average they should be coated/plated once a year.

For items that come into contact with water such as copper kettles, tankards or water jugs (pitchers) there is no need for any additional plating/coating.

How should copper utensils be maintained/protected at home?

You can maintain/protect your copper utensils by rubbing the external part of the item with natural shining agents such as ash, tomato paste or lemon.

Made in Turkey

Karaca has been the largest Turkish manufacturer of high-quality tableware, kitchen appliances, home textiles and home accessories since 1973. You can sit back and expect the highest quality and high-end products from us.

Barcode: 8697918759315

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