Karaca Mastermaid BioDiamond Non-Stick Cookware Set, 9 Piece, Imperial Red

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Karaca Mastermaid BioDiamond Non-Stick Cookware Set, 5 Piece, Imperial Red

The Mastermaid family continues to grow stronger. The most beautiful colors of BioDiamond and Mastermaid, produced from real diamond crystals, the most durable wonder of nature, came together in the Mastermaid Cookware Set. While Mastermaid pots colour your kitchens with 9 different colours of Mastermaid, they also offer ultra durability and long-lasting use thanks to Biodiamond. Moreover, Biodiamond’s superior non-combustible, non-stick and scratch-proof surface helps you to cook all meals without using oil, while being easily cleaned, it saves time and energy. Add flavor to your meals and colour to your kitchens with the Mastermaid Cookware Set!

Set Content

  • 20 cm Stockpot & Lid 2.5 L
  • 24 cm Stockpot & Lid 4 L
  • 26 cm Casserole & Lid 3 L
  • 18 cm Sauce Pan
  • 26 cm Frying Pan

Material: Diamond Coating, PFOA Free

Dishwasher Safe.


  • Contains a raw material made from genuine diamond crystals, the most durable material in nature
  • Superior non-stick surface
  • Superior durability
  • Can cook eggs without oil
  • Can cook vegetables without oil
  • Suitable for use in dishwashers
  • Does not contain PFOA substances

Made in Turkey

Karaca has been the largest Turkish manufacturer of high-quality tableware, kitchen appliances, home textiles and home accessories since 1973. You can sit back and expect the highest quality and high-end products from us.

Barcode: 8683650067436

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Dishwasher Safe




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