Karaca Hatır Mood Turkish Coffee Machine Black

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Discover Hatır Mood that prepares your coffee according to your mood!
This machine, which prepares 5 cups of coffee at a time, is the first and only in the world to prepare authentic Turkish coffee and dairy drinks! Designed to taste different flavors of coffee at different times of the day, and to easily prepare coffee treats for your whole family and guests, Hatır Mood is now versatile like you.
Turkish Coffee with Authentic Taste
It gives the traditional flavor of the slowly cooked coffee on cinder with plenty of foam
Automatic Heat Adjustment
With its special heat balance, it prepares your coffee without burning it
Anti-Overflow System
It prevents overflowing of coffee with its smart sensors, so you do not have to deal with extra cleaning in the kitchen
Automatic Shut-Off
When you remove the coffee pot after preparation, your machine will automatically turn off. So, you do not need to check it
Dairy Drink Preparation
It prepares the various types of Turkish coffee with milk, hot chocolate with milk, instant coffee with milk in the right consistency heating Milk It heats the milk at the ideal temperature without boiling



Model No
Barcode 8697918809157



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