Karaca BioDiamond Antibacterial Handle Stockpot with Lid, 20 cm

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Karaca BioDiamond Antibacterial Handle Stockpot with Lid, 20 cm

Made from the most durable minerals in nature, BioDiamond is covered with diamond crystals. Handles coated with silver nanoparticles, developed with the Antibacterial Silver Nano-Tech Handle technology, keep their antibacterial properties for many years. They are ultra-durable and resistant to scratches. Non-stick surface allow you can cook meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables healthily without using oil.

Set Content

  • 20 cm Stockpot & Lid 2.6 L


  • Diamond Coating, PFOA Free
  • Handle: Antibacterial Silver Nano Tech


  • Antibacterial Silver Nano-Tech Handle technology
  • Handles covered with silver nanoparticles that can remain antibacterial for many years
  • Comfortable use and no need to worry about hygiene while cooking
  • Made of Real Diamond Crystals, the most durable wonder of nature
  • Superior fireproof and non-stick surface
  • Offers ultra-durability
  • You can cook eggs without oil
  • You can cook vegetables without oil
  • Suitable for use in all types of stoves, including induction stoves
  • Dishwasher Safe

Why BioDiamond?

  • The surface of BioDiamond material is coated with up to 300,000 diamond crystals, the strongest naturally occurring material in nature that lends the product its unique strength
  • It has been developed in Switzerland after 3 years of research and development
  • Due to its superior durability and non-scratch features, it may be used safely with all metal household utensils as well as with blenders
  • The middle layer of the material has a 4-times higher level of conductivity than copper ensuring that heat is conducted evenly and guaranteeing that food is cooked in more thoroughly and with a more delicious taste
  • In tests conducted on all BioDiamond and BioDiamond Pro products it was established that Karaca brand products did not burn and that they were the product group with the best results for its non-stick, non-scratch and most durable feature

Made in Turkey

Karaca has been the largest Turkish manufacturer of high-quality tableware, kitchen appliances, home textiles and home accessories since 1973. You can sit back and expect the highest quality and high-end products from us.

Barcode: 8697918784225

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